Hawksworth "The Red Terror" Fawlks

Captain of "Elizabeth's Vengence", 6th Rate Ship of the Line


A small slight man barely over 5’6" and weighing no more than 125 pounds and scant frame, there seems to be little in the way of noticable muscle on his body. The oddest thing about him, something to which your attention is almost automatically drawn, is his out sized hands. They are greatly out of proportion to his body being quite broad with long fingers. The tendons and muscles of his hands and forearms, while not large they are very well defined. The man seems positively dainty.

His haughty, aristocratic bearing and manner reinforce the ‘pansy’ conclusion that you might draw on first impression. His head always seems to be tilted slightly back on his neck allowing him to ‘look down’ his long pointed nose at you through eyes grey and bright.

His face is clean and unmarked by by excess rigor as are the faces of most sailors. His straight, light brown hair is worn free and is unusually long.

There is an ‘air’ about him that is disquieting.


Captain Fawlkes is, or was, the captain of the ’Elizabeth’s Venegance’ a 6th rate ship of the line, for most of his life he was a Privateer in service of his King and Country. An experienced captain and able tactician, it fell upon Fawlkes to lead the diversionary raid on Ciudad Vargas, whilst the main fleet headed for Cartagena under the command of Admiral Lord Mandrake. Captain Fawlkes raged against the plan and in the presence of Lord Mandrake questioned its sanity and soundness.

Fawlkes was given overall command of three ships, ’Elizabeth’s Venegance’, ‘Snow’, and the gallant ‘Robin’, three ships, 36 guns and 450 men. He was to land three days from Ciudad Vargas and trek overland to the town, two days into the overland trek something went horribly wrong.

The party was ambushed with its back against the river and was massacred by the Spanish and their Indian allies. Captain Fawlkes, his Bosun Mr Monk and the Gunners Mate Cletus ‘Chunk’ Bratcher, were captured along with the players characters, who all now rot in a Spanish cell.

Hawksworth "The Red Terror" Fawlks

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