Mr Smyth "Smittie"

A former British naval officer who has found himself in a dire situation.


Jonathan Smith-Wellington,  age 25, was born to naval officer Peter Smith and his wife Lydia in Bristol. Following his wife’s death shortly after childbirth Lt Smith moved to London to be closer to society and better educate his son. In the space of a year, Peter Smith was promoted to commander, given his own small command and married Euphregenia Wellington, the daughter of a wealthy banker. Young Jonathan was shipped off to boarding school while his step brother was born and raised in London Town, under the care of a nanny and tutor.

Following his father’s insistence he joined the naval service, along with a number of his schoolmates. It didn’t hurt to be the son of a known naval man and the contacts he’d made at private school certainly didn’t hurt. He reaped the benefits of the old boy’s club and made lieutenant in short order, and after his step-brother joined the navy as well managed to have him assigned to his own ship, the Constance, as a king’s letter-boy. 

After getting the know the lad a little better and trying to get some naval knowledge into his rather thick head (the tutors and educators all for naught) he found the lad likable, if a little slow. When his captain was brought low by fever, he was replaced by a tyrannical Captain Mist who treated his crew like slaves. After six months of unrelenting punishment and knowing that the same old boy’s club that helped his speedy promotion would keep his captain in his position were he to protest, he looked to his first opportunity to escape.

It turned out to be the pirate ship the Snow, which attacked the Constance after some serious storm damage following a summer hurricane. Smith-Wellington picked up his trunk and stepped over to the Snow, and didn’t look back.

Two hours later when the Snow was well away from the damaged Constance, he found his kid brother below decks, garbed in stolen pirate gear with a big (stupid) smile on his face. They remained with the ship until their capture, and the kid’s eventual demise at the hands of the Spanish.

Mr Smyth "Smittie"

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