The Crew

Rather than an individual description of each crew member, they are gathered together under one heading


Active Crew
Walter ‘Wot’ Padget
‘Tarball’ McWurt – Active, was in a near coma but has since pulled through after the ASSAULT.
‘Boats’ Gleeson – A bosuns mate therefore has the Repair skill at d6+
Jock “Jumper” Livens
Lenville Creech
Bosco Detwiller
Harrock Armbruster
Nathaniel ‘Spoons’ Drummond
‘Foulwind’ Turnbuckle
‘The Parson’
William ‘Wormeaten’ Budge
Horst Franks
‘Belly boy’ Cotsworthy

Non-walking wounded
Boy Tom – Traumatic shock
‘Stump’ Boatwright
Kelly Greene

Alfred ‘Crackers’ Thompson – Much missed by Bullock, was killed on THE LONG ROAD by a machete wielding Indian.
Homer Clarke – The stump of his leg became septic and he died on THE LONG ROAD after the attack on the Hacienda.


The Crew

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