Session 1

After the ambush you were imprisoned in and underground cell within a small building complex with three jail keepers, Bloat (the fat man), Sally (the sadist), and Ferret (the wizened old man).

There are a few fellow pirates with you:
Alfred ‘Crackers’ Thompkins, a gunner aboard the ‘Snow’, he is a large man and his nickname refers to what he can do with bone.
Walter ‘Wot’ Padget, a gunner aboard the ‘Snow’, this was his maiden voyage.
Milo, a gunner aboard the ‘Snow’, an experienced sailor.
‘Tarball’ McWurt, currently in a state of near coma, with wounds from the pirahna’s in suffered in the ambush.
‘Boats’ Gleason, the Chief Bosun abord the ‘Snow’ and an experienced sailor.
Boy Tom, was the cabin boy aboard the ‘Snow’, he is 14 years old and in a state of traumatic shock.

Also three crew members from the ’Elizabeth’s Vengeance’:
Captain Hawkworth Fawlks, captain of the ’Elizabeth’s Vengeance’.
Mr Monk, First Mate on the ’Elizabeth’s Vengeance’.
Cletus ‘Chunk’ Bratcher, Gunners Mate on the ’Elizabeth’s Vengeance’

There is also one more strange character, Old Billy a wizened, crippled old man with a shock of grey hair, who delivers your food everyday and leaves with an stinging quip on your predicament.

After a few days, Hawksworth, Mr Monk and Chunk are placed into your cell and promptly start a fight over the food delivered, much to the amusement of the guards. The outcome of the fight was for all three of you to be beaten to a pulp, as it turns out all for naught as the food was spilt due to Black trying to throw it at Fawlkes.

Session 1

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