Session 2

We last left our heroes languishing in Spanish prison after a fist fight with Fawlks, Mr. Monk and Bratcher.

They were woken up by the prison guards and dragged to another cell, Jerusalem nursing a sore mouth after an elbow in the face by Mr. Monk, Black with bruised ribs from being on the ground after he slipped on the bucket of slop he threw at Mr. Fawlks and Bullock nursing a bruised head.

After a few days of recovering another Englishman is brought into the cells, he had escaped the initial ambush with a few others but after a few days he and his band were caught by Spanish patrols, he was the only survivor of his band. He introduces himself as Mr. Smyth, and is promptly called Smittie by the others. Mr. Smyth was a NCO on the “Snow”, a mid-shipman’s assistant.

A few days later a well dressed man, whom they find out later is Mister Guzman a prominent citizen from Ciudad Varga, and some others enter the cell and “inspects” the prisoners, they tell the inmates that they are to be tomorrows entertainment in a gladiatorial event, Mr. Fawlks and Mr. Guzman have a stare off with Mr. Guzman backing down.

The next day Bullock, Boats, Wot, Fawlks and Crackers are chosen as the entertainment. They leave the cells and get a good look at their surroundings. The place where they are held is an abandoned hacienda with dilapidated buildings. They are marched, under guard to the courtyard. The courtyard is surrounded by guards with a rope ring as the arena; the remains of previous combatants are in a pile to one side.

After a welcoming speech from Mr. Guzman, Mr. Fawlks and Mr. Jack Walsh, shipmate from the “Robin”, are paired off with each other and given a sword. After a few minutes of hesitation and threats of being shot by the guards Jack attacks Fawlks. After a few minutes of Jack swishing air and Fawlks avoiding Jack the fight is over in one swift movement as Fawlks sword enters up under Jack’s chin who collapses the ground.

Bullock is paired off with James “Jimmy” Worthy another shipmate from the “Robin”. They greet each other with a few words, “It’s good to see you alive Bullock, at least now you won’t be getting seasick.” says Jimmy. Bullock smiles and replies with, “Let’s make a deal Jimmy, whoever of us makes it out of here we make sure we kill ’em, we kill ’em all”. Jimmy and Bullock shake hands on the deal. Jimmy crouches low in a fighting stance, Bullock just stands there. As Jimmy strikes Bullock crouches and swings his cutlass in arc and cuts off Jimmy’s leg just above the knee, Jimmy goes down screaming, Bullock reverses the sword plunging it into his chest and whispers "I’m sorry Jimmy, I’ll kill em for ya, I will kill em all.” In Jimmy’s last moments he nods his head and then expires. Boats, Crackers and Wot both come out of their fights without too many bruises.

After the fight they are lead back to the cell to ‘rest’, in the evening Old Billy comes down with the food places it next to the guards table, he makes idly chit chat for a while then in quick motion grabs a pistol of the rack and smashes Ferret skull with it, he turns to Sally and puts the barrel in his mouth and says, “Don’t blink, twitch or think boy or the next time you eat food will be falling out the back of your head”. At that moment Bloat comes walking down the stairs, Billy spins and with two hands points the pistol at Bloat and shoots him in the eye.

With the others in the cells trying to talk to Old Billy to get them out, Billy takes his time reloading his pistol and having a drink and something to eat. Once finished he makes his way to the centre of the cells and tells his story.

“I have been a slave to the Spanish for the last 25 years. I was shipwrecked on an island when a Spanish ship rescued me only to sell me as a slave and sold ne here. I tried to escape many times but was always captured, until one day a visiting Jesuit priest said he could cure me off that. He and his fellows broke my legs good and proper, and he was right I never thought of escape again. That my fellows is where you come in, with my smarts of the area and your brawn we might just make it outa here.

Billy gives you layout of the ruined Hacienda and you plan your time of attack, armed with a few pistols, sword and two blunderbuss, you venture out of the cellar. Billy tells you to stay and he will take out the guard house and give you the signal that it is clear. While waiting a man leaves a building and heads for the latrines, Jerusalem waits until he enters, waits a few moments then kicks in the door to find him passed out on the latrine and promptly cuts his throat.

Smittie waiting for the signal from Billy figures something is wrong and heads of to the guardhouse with Crackers and Boats providing cover. At the guardhouse Smittie finds a guard half burned in the bonfire and another guard dead in the guardhouse with Billy lying on the floor with a large lump on his eye, one of the guards threw a brandy bottle at him. Billy managed to get his shot of and blew out the back of his head.

It is decided that they should go to the stables first to see if they could find more weapons. They enter carefully and are greeted by a mangy dog and Bullock gives him a few scraps of food, now the dog follows Bullock everywhere. In the barn they hear some giggling and muffled sounds from one of the stables. The light alerts the occupants and one man appears to see who has intruded. He is caught by surprise at the sight of the escapees and stands there shocked, Bullock strides up and rams his cutlass into his throat. The native girl the guard was with huddles into the corner looking terrified, Old Billy walks up and talks to her to calm her down. They gather a few tools and Bullock grabs a wood axe, ”For doors” he says.

Jerusalem mentions that the barracks should be next he and Smittie dresses up in a guard’s uniform. The plan is too enter is disguise to surprise the guards. They both enter from different doors and Smittie is welcomed by a drunken guard with a native girl on his arm. Jerusalem enters via another door, a guard playing cards takes a second look and realizes something is not right. Jerusalem moves to him and jams a dagger into his ribs, Smittie starts beating his guard with a club until the guard stops moving. Two other guards are dispatched quickly by the rest of the party. Bullock notices a door, walks up to it and kicks it in during the second attempt, he takes a step in and there is a flash and smoke as a pistol goes off and it hits Bullock in the chest. In the room stands a guard with a discharged pistol and saber. Shrugging off the damage Bullock strides forward and aims a swing at the guards arm holding the saber chopping it off mid forearm, the guards looks at the stump in disbelief before Bullock executes a backhand slash at his throat, opening it up with blood spraying everywhere, again Old Billy calms the girls speaking to them in their language.

Sending Crackers and Wot to cover the back entrance, the party enters the courtyard to the ruined hacienda and notice that the upper right room of the Hacienda is lit from the inside and there are shapes moving behind the curtains. Halfway through the courtyard the door to the balcony from that room opens and a half naked girl steps out onto the balcony. She notices the group and says to them in Spanish “If you have more wine or brandy then come on up, if not then don’t bother.” She then takes a breath of fresh air and returns to the room. After a short pause and thanking the almighty they weren’t noticed for who they are they move onto the front porch.

Opening the main doors carefully they notice a few doors and stair cases leading to the second story to the left and right. After searching a few rooms they find a nice pair of presentation pistols and two finely made sabres hanging on the wall of the study. They proceed to the back of the house to open the back door for Crackers and Wot and find themselves in a dining room. With Smittie covering the staircases and Jerusalem covering the two doors leading into the dining room, Bullock goes to eh back door. At that moment a man carrying a serving tray enters the dining room from the kitchen, Jerusalem holds the point of his sword at his throat, and whispers for him not to move. Unbeknownst to Jerusalem there is another man in the kitchen who sees this, grabs a clever and smacks Jerusalem over the head, the one held at sword point swings around and tries to hit Jerusalem with the tray, food and crockery smashes to the ground. Bullock upon seeing this runs towards the second assailant and runs him through, Jerusalem after recovering from the blow takes care of the first man.

Bullock grabs the food of the food and starts stuffing his mouth. Upon seeing this Jerusalem says “Almighty God, with what reprobates am I mixing with?” Bullock stands up and asks “Who you talking to?” to which Jerusalem replies “The man upstairs.” And Bullock says “Yeh, don’t worry we are going to kill the men upstairs.”

The group ascends the stairs and searches through the rooms, leaving the one they know is occupied till last. The other rooms contain cots’ that are empty. Seems there was once a large garrison at this place. Proceeding to the second room they make entry from two directions. Bullock kicks in the door and sees four armed men, noticing a man standing with two pistols Bullock blows him away with a blunderbuss. The other three men who are armed with sabres are readily dispatched. Once again there are a number of native girls who are comforted by Old Billy. They find some weapons and an ornate rapier which Smittie takes.

After a short respite, Old Billy gives them a layout of the hacienda that they must take out to cover their tracks. Having made their plans, although ill conceived, everyone arms themselves with the available weapons, and carrying Tarball on a stretcher make their way to their next destination.

GM’ note: The native girls are going to need therapy after all this.

Session 2

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