Session 3

So our gallant heroes having free themselves from the clutches of the evil Spaniard prison and leaving Captain Fawlks, Mr Monk and Bratcher to languish, much to Jerusalem “Bone” Jones protests to do away with the scoundrels , but Old Billy wouldn’t have a bar of it, “Englishman don’t kill Englishman”, he said.

Having gathered the other survivors the party gets down to planning and Old Billy gives them a general layout of the hacienda. Black scouts the compound and notices that the place is surrounded by a 15’ high wall with three entrances; the main entrance has one guard pacing back and forth. The plan they come up with is as follows: Smittie, Bullock, Crackers, Bones and Black dress up in guard uniforms and will approach the gate with Bones being carried on a stretcher pretending to be injured, and get access to the compound and then take care of the inhabitants. Old Billy, boy Tom and Tarball will stay at a distance from the Hacienda with Boats, Wot and Milo waiting for the signal that it is all clear before approaching. Good plan right?

Making their way up the road to the Hacienda they are challenged by the guard, another guard exits the guardhouse. Smittie tries to bluff his way in but the words that leave his mouth don’t add up and the guards grow suspicious. With the stretcher carriers hesitating, because they don’t speak Spanish, the guards grow even more suspicious and tell the group to lay their muskets on the ground before being escorted into the compound.

Upon gaining entry one guard walks to the barracks to fetch the sergeant whilst the other covers the group. All hell breaks out as the party realises the jig is up and draw pistols and weapons. The guard covering gets a shot off and the other is taken down with a pistol shot by Bones. Bullock in his ever “kick it in” attitude runs to one of the buildings noted as a barracks by Old Billy, and taking two attempts kicks in the door only to find it empty.
Bones runs to stairs leading to the firing platforms on the roof, Black takes position near a door with Crackers and Smittie covering other doors. They hear the blare of a bugle and running footsteps as a group of seven Spanish soldiers run out in to the courtyard and take up a firing line. Black dispatches one soldier, with his cutlass, who exits the door he is covering and is shot at by a few inside the building, taking a chance he rushes them and takes them down in a flurry of action.

Meanwhile Crackers and Smittie take a few shots at the firing line with no real effect, hitting people in the dark isn’t so easy. Bullock, being Bullock, lifts his sword and charges the line roaring. Commands are given by the Spanish sergeant, “Ready, aim……… fire.” Bullock charges through the hail of bullets without so much as a scratch, how every bullet missed, the soldiers don’t have the time to think about, as like a demon possessed Bullock charges through the clearing smoke and crashes into the soldiers, cutting, slashing at any and all unfortunate enough to be in the way. Realising that trying to shoot in the dark is a lost cause Smittie and Crackers draw their weapons and join the fray, while Bones snipes soldiers from his vantage point on the roof.

Having dispatched his opponents Black makes his way through he building to come out from behind of the line, he quickly ducks behind the wall as the Spanish sergeant takes a shot at him, Bones on the roof top notices this and snipes him from above and the sergeant goes down.
In the ensuing melee Crackers goes down under the sword blows of the soldiers and Bullock takes a solid hit with a sword, with a grunt to dismiss the pain, he fights on and in his fury he picks up a soldier and throws him at his companions and three go down in a tangle of limbs. Bones, to his dismay notices reinforcements coming from the main house, confirming themselves as officers as they bark out orders to their troops. A few of those officers charge into the rear of the party. Smittie having a tough time of it gets assistance from a well timed shot from between his legs by Black.

With Crackers down, Bullock destroying anything he hits, Bones sniping from the roof and Black using trickery to take out his opponents they failed to notice three more soldiers take a firing line and start trying to snipe Bones, whilst one officer noticing his vantage point makes his way up the stairs to take care of him.

With their immediate opponents down Bullock and Black charge the three soldiers, Bullock bull rushes them, once agin they take a steady aim and fire at Bullock, with bullets whizzing past Bullock emerges from the smoke and haze maelstrom to crash into the soldiers, knocking one of his feet. Black, having copped a hit, draws his blade and baseball slides between one of the soldier’s legs and skewers him up between the legs. The officer in combat with Bones gets a pistol jammed into his ribs and has his guts blown all over the roof, looking surprised, the officer crumples in a heap.

With the fight over all so quickly, they asses their injuries and take stock of the situation. Crackers is helped up with only a sore head and Black has a musket ball extricated from his shoulder and is bandaged up. The others waiting outside come running at the sound of gunfire only to find it has finished and they are victorious.

Mr Smyth organises men to cover the exits from the compound and upon searching the hacienda they find another 13 prisoners from the raid, only ten able to fight and walk, the rest too badly injured. There is a powder magazine with a great deal of weaponry including grenades and muskets, a stable with a wagon, five riding horses and 10 draft horses and a carriage.

Whilst searching some of the sentries return to tell that one of the gates was open, doing a quick search of the main house they find that beds have been left in a hurry and that weapons are missing from a weapon rack. Searching a den Mr Smyth finds a note with only a date on it, the date is from a few weeks ago, they deduce it was around the same date of the raid give or take a few days.

Bones organises a posse, mounts up and purses the escapees, while the others gather and take stock of the inventory.

Session 3

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